Working together we provide best solution to our Client’s

About Us

Reibaum is a company focused on desing and off-site production of architectural metal skins and glazed facades, skylights, domes, ceilings, pergolas, or any metal sheet fabrication.

Building owners, architects and designers collaborates with Reibaum to find effective solutions for their projects in metal during design development. We work together to meet the projects aesthetic expectations within a feasible budget and time frame. 

Reibaum offers Clients a complete solution including complete engineering, fabrication and installation.


How we work

Working together we provide best solution to our Client’s
idea or concept design


Reibaum offers detailed design solutions to concept designs of Architects.

We develop suitable substructure and support systems that will meet all aesthetic project requirements as well as technical aspects such as thermal or acoustical insulation, light transmission, accessibility etc.


Reibaum provides engineering assistance to designers for material selection, makes proposals for surface finish, thickness, grades of metal, aperture size, prepares visual renders or mockups and feasibility analysis. After development of detailed design, structural calculations to verify safety and conformity to codes are also provided by Reibaum.


We are proud to share our vast experience in sheet metal fabrication and facade applications with our Clients. In addition to unlimited manufacturing capabilities through 30 years of experience Reibaum uses innovative fabrication processes to meet unique demands.


Reibaum design ensures easy and speedy installation on site. Materials delivered by Reibaum are optimized and are ready to be installed without any modification or adjustment. Reibaum has a network of installers all around the world to ensure local service for all it’s Clients.

Tailor made products for facede builders, contractors or property owners.


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