Médiathèque Du Kremlin Bicêtre

  • Location : Paris, France
  • Architect: K-Architectures
  • Function : Facade
  • Material : Aluminum
  • Product : Perforated Metal
  • Surface Finish : Electrostatic Powder Coating

The multimedia library of Kremlin Bicetre opened its doors to the public in December 5th, 2012. The Echo is the name that was given to it. Covering an area of 4500m2, it was built on part of the site of the house Geo, industrial meat, which had been abandoned since 1995. The construction started in late 2009 under the direction of the K-Architectures agency. The shelves were made by IDM Group Coupechoux and signage is signed Jocelyn Cottencin.


desen Kremlin